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What moves the world

Welcome to the Winergy Newsblog. Discover why we do what we do, how our people and products move the world - and, most of all, what is moving and concerning you and us.

Winergy monitors Wind Turbine Drivetrains with CMaS Evolution

July 2023

The holistic CMaS Evolution service is hardware-independent and can connect already available condition monitoring hardware without changing the existing infrastructure. Through the unique predictive maintenance approach, necessary repairs can be planned quickly and carried out directly with suitable spare parts from the manufacturer.

Presenting the Winergy HybridDrive: the promising mid-speed drive train for offshore wind turbines 

September 2022

Over the last years, climate change has become an increasingly central concern for environment and society. The geopolitical situation as well as the Paris Agreement and COP26 are forcing the renewable energy transition and presenting the wind industry with new challenges. In order to meet the future energy demand of the world, capacities must be massively expanded. Offshore wind is particularly promising in this respect, as there is still great performance potential to be tapped. With the HybridDrive, we offer the powertrain for the future. ...

100 Power Trains - Winergy Tianjin Delivered the 100th EnVentus Power Train to Vestas

July 2022

On July 20th our colleagues from Tianjin successfully held the "100th Unit Delivery Celebration Ceremony of Vestas EnVentus Power Train". This milestone was achieved thanks to the great collaboration between the Winergy and Vestas teams. Mr. Michael Balvers, COO of Vestas Asia Pacific Region, attended the Celebration Ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment with the Winergy China management, colleagues and members of the project teams of both sides.

CWEA Interview with Chairman Flender China Dr. Gou

October 2021

Referring to the groundbreaking ceremony for the new hall in Tianjin, China, last month the China Wind Energy Association interviewed Flender Chairman Dr. Gou. In the interview, the developments in the Chinese wind market and our responses to customer needs are addressed, as well as Dr. Gou's personal passion for the wind market.

40th Anniversary of the first wind gearbox delivery

September 2021

Anyone who claims to be a technology leader also has an obligation to take responsibility. We have assumed this responsibility for many years now and celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first delivered wind gearbox.

In 1981 we started with the first wind gearbox in low KW power range. Ten years later, we equipped the first offshore wind park Vindeby with 450kW gearboxes. In 2016, we successfully developed the world's largest 8MW gearbox offshore system at that time. Now we are designing gearboxes, generators and powertrains up to 20 MW and planning beyond to support our customers today and in the future.

Winergy bets on full powertrain solutions for wind turbines

August 2021

German gearbox supplier extends range from components to integrated systems.
With a track record of supplying 100,000 gearboxes totalling more than 200GW of installed capacity to the wind industry, Winergy is one of the world's leading brands for wind turbine drives and service. Now under new ownership, the Germany-based company has expanded its scope from components supplier to integrated drive systems provider.

HybridDrive for wind turbine drive trains future – Winergy shines on Global Offshore Summit

July 2021

At the beginning of July, the Sixth Global Offshore Summit themed "Deepening Innovation, Multifunctional Integration -- Achieving Carbon Neutral Goals for Offshore Wind Power" was jointly organized by GWEC, CREIA, CWEA in Guangxi Nanning, China. 

Dr. Gou Jianhui, Chairman and CEO of Flender China, together with Joerg Sieber and Andreas Nagel, were invited to attend the dialogue and give a keynote speech, as representatives for Flender and Winergy. Read more about the presentation by Jörg Sieber and Andreas Nagel on "The Application of HybridDrive of Wind Power in Offshore Wind Power" here.

Winergy participates in
first virtual CWD Conference 2021

March 2021

Winergy once more participated in the Conference for Wind Power Drives CWD 2021. The event, usually held in Aachen Germany, was due to the COVID situation shifted to an online event available for every interested worldwide. “450 participants from 19 different countries and more than 120 presentations made the conference a great success.” was reported by the hosts.

Mission completed!
Now Wind Energy Generation is „all in“ at Winergy

February 2021

Today Flender Ltd., China welcomes about 300 new colleagues from the Winergy generator business in our new Hai Tai branch as the last step of the integration of the generator business into Winergy. Together we will be able to deliver complete drive trains for wind turbines.

Happy New Year 2021

December 2020

The Winergy team wishes you all a restful holiday season and a Happy New Year 2021. Many thanks to our customers and our business partners for the great collaboration in 2020. We are looking forward to exciting projects in the next year.

Flender opens state-of-the-art
testing and workshop facility in Perth, Western Australia

December 2020

Flender has opened its new state-of-the-art testing and workshop facility at the Tonkin Highway Industrial Estate in the Perth suburb of Bayswater. The 3,500 square metre facility enables Flender to combine sales, project delivery, engineering and training in one location in the first of its kind for Flender in Australia. It will also enable the company to expand its operations in Western Australia. Winergy, a leading global supplier of drivetrain components of wind turbines, continues to grow in the region to meet increasing customer demand in the wind energy.