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Winergy monitors Wind Turbine Drivetrains with CMaS Evolution

How to widen Wind Turbine Profitability: Winergy’s CMaS Evolution ensures long-term profitability through the Holistic Service Approach.

Wind turbines that fail due to unforeseen faults cause high costs for wind turbine operators and owners. This leads to a negative impact on the overall profitability of each turbine.

Predictive maintenance planning is elementary: monitoring of the plants and timely detection of failures as well as anomalies in operation that can lead to damage are essential to achieve a low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy).

As the only manufacturer on the market, Winergy is the expert for complete wind turbine drivetrain systems and combines the system competence of gearboxes, generators, couplings, and digital services under one roof. With CMaS Evolution, Winergy offers a completely holistic service as an end-to-end solution that can be adapted to individual needs. Succeeding the original Moventas CMaS, which was launched back in 2006.

The holistic CMaS Evolution service is hardware-independent and can connect already available condition monitoring hardware without changing the existing infrastructure. In addition, CMaS systems, of which 7500 units have already been sold on the market, are monitored online. Through the unique predictive maintenance approach, necessary repairs can be planned quickly and carried out directly with suitable spare parts from the manufacturer. As part of the CMaS service, Winergy ensures that the required spare parts are available at the right time. CMaS also offers a local contact person in your region.

As a further innovation, the CMaS service can optionally be expanded with SCADA data from the turbine and additional sensors, such as a gearbox-integrated torque sensor. Due to this, hidden uprate and downrate potentials in wind farm can be detected and made usable. In addition to permanent condition monitoring, there is also the option of mobile measurements with CMaS Evolution Portable devices to determine the current condition of the turbine, including recommendations for action from Winergy experts.

All this is complemented by a secure web-based customer portal in which data is made directly available, analyses and prescriptive recommendations from diagnostic engineers who validate and evaluate the measurement data with in-house manufacturer expertise.

Many turbine manufacturers, operators as well as owners of wind turbines all over the world are among Winergy's customers. Through the acquisition of the Finnish gearbox manufacturer Moventas, Winergy has expanded its service portfolio into a real multibrand service. This offers the advantage of being able to obtain Winergy's services from a single source, independent of the manufacturer.

“We create a value for our customers and support them along the whole process from determine the current condition assets over failure prediction to planning, ordering of spare parts and repairs.” (Sven Kiekbusch, Head of Product Management Digitalization & Wind CMS)

The driver for continuous improvement and innovation of wind turbines is the levelized cost of electricity. These determines the profitability and competitiveness of a wind turbine. The function of the drivetrain of a wind turbine, which converts the mechanical force of the wind into electrical energy, is essential. The engineers at Winergy design complex, innovative and reliable systems with a very high power density. Not only the design, but also the operation, maintenance and monitoring of the systems guarantees to keep the LCOE at a low level.

An investment in CMaS Evolution ensures reliable success and profitability of wind turbines in the long term.

Nick Hövelbrinks
Product Manager CMaS Evolution at Flender GmbH / Winergy 
Phone: +49 2871 92 0