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New Replacement Units

New Replacement Drivetrain Components offer a fast and easy solution to keep your wind assets running. Winergy offers service solutions for mainshafts, gearboxes, couplings and generators.

Instant access to new replacement drivetrain components

Main shaft, Gearbox, Coupling, Generator

Replacement drivetrain components lead to the shortest downtime and increased productivity. Winergy Service360 offers options to receive new replacement drivetrain components. New units of main shafts, gearboxes, couplings, and generators ensure access to the latest technology and Winergy high quality material standards.

Winergy's new drivetrain replacement components represent the latest in drivetrain technology, designed to meet the challenging demands of today’s wind turbine operations. Practical expertise, state-of-the-art solutions and research and development provide you with reliable drivetrain components. New replacement components are fully tested in line with new production requirements.


New Replacement Gearbox


Winergy service360 drivetrain multibrand service offers our customers access to a wide portfolio of new replacement gearboxes.

Winergy can offer and manufacture both Winergy current and legacy gearboxes, in addition to providing access to Moventas gearbox models.

Our portfolio covers all major turbine types and configurations. This means you can have a new compatible gearbox powering your turbine in a timely manner. New gearbox replacement also offers the benefit of gaining access to the latest technology upgrades, which improve reliability and power production characteristics.


New Replacement Couplings

ARPEX wind coupling for your wind turbine

With an experience of more than 30 years in the field of coupling design for wind turbines and a comprehensive multibrand drivetrain series portfolio, we offer our customers market-driven coupling solutions for all requirements. Continuous development of ARPEX couplings combined with global manufacturing on state-of-the-art production facilities makes us a service partner of choice.

ARPEX ARV wind coupling

ARPEX ARV wind couplings are used in the drivetrain between the gear unit and generator to transmit torque and to compensate for misalignment. Winergy service provides coupling solutions up-to 6MW power class. ARV’s compact design allows radial assembly and disassembly without displacement of the gear unit or generator.


New Replacement Generator

New replacement wind generators

Winergy generators are well established in the industry, standing for outstanding quality, which ensures maximum energy yield and system availability.

Winergy offers generator solutions up to 20MW power class for both onshore and offshore applications. Our extensive portfolio extends from permanent-magnet synchronous or electrically excited synchronous generators through squirrel-cage induction generator and up to double-fed induction generators.

Winergy generators can be tailored to suit specific needs, meaning we can offer you a new replacement generator whatever your turbine type may be.


New DirectDrive Segments

New replacement DirectDrive segments

The gearless Direct Drive wind generator is a multi-pole synchronous machine, usually equipped with permanent magnet technology.
Winergy offers you custom-made stators in segmented design for your Direct Drive wind generator.
Based on its modular platform concept, the generator's stator is not manufactured as a whole, but is composed of preassembled sub-segments. This offers especially advantages for the transport and erection and allows a customized adaptation to the respective performance requirements. The stator segments are integrated optimally into the drive train of the wind turbine using finite element calculations.

The many successfully installed Direct Drive offshore turbines worldwide featuring Winergy stator segments speak for our components' quality and reliability.