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Hybrid Drive



… because the best powertrain is the one where you can achieve the maximum benefit! 


Shaping the future require a strong team

The integrated solution of the HybridDrive offers high efficiency for the future of power trains

Technical features of Hamburg WindEnergy Exhibit
Power class 6 MW
Rated torque 6.000 kNm
Transmission ratio i = 60,6
Gearbox efficency up to 99%
Cooling method oil-to-water cooled
Reduced short circuit torque 1.3x rated torque
Generator efficency up to 98%
Coupling torque inom = 9 MNm
Axial displacement +/- 5 mm
Radial displacement 1.4 mm
Angular displacement 0.3 mrad
Functional integrated three-stage planetary gearbox with a permanent-magnet synchronous generator
Application onshore and offshore
Rated torque 6.000 ... 40.000 kNm
Transmission ratio i = 35 ... 100
GEN cooling oil, water, air cooled
Individual interface on LSS elastic, stiff, fully-integrated
Information material


  • The HybridDrive offers great power train cost-saving potential thanks to a high level of system knowledge based on longtime Winergy experience.
  • Multiple planets and three planetary stages promise torque density above 200 Nm/kg.
  • The first compact oil-cooled medium-speed generator of it's kind allows identical construction for all grid frequencies.
  • The functional integration of gearbox and generator results in a reduction of the drive train construction up to 50%.

The HybridDrive is Winergy's response to the challenge of further reducing the costs of energy generation. With the direct connection of a three-stage planetary gearbox and a permanent-magnet synchronous generator, a medium-speed drive has been designed ensuring the high efficiency. Both Winergy‘s mechanical and electrical engineering expertise are reflected in the HybridDrive.


  • High system efficiency
  • Compact and flexible for different concepts
  • Space-saving due to 50% shorter design
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Resource-saving design

The HybridDrive can be flexibly integrated into any nacelle configuration. Converters and transformers can be positioned modularly at the top of the nacelle or at the bottom of the tower. In addition, the system offers a high modularity: The permanent magnet generator allows identical construction in all grid frequencies without any ratio change. Due to the compact design, the drive train is very robust against weather conditions, e.g. sandstorms. Compared to the direct drive system, the proportion of rare earths is 80 % lower, which enables simplified and long-term cost calculation.