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Hybrid Drive


HybridDrive specifications
Power class Up to 20MW
Application On- und offshore
Total weight 45 … 120 t
Gearbox specifications
Rated Torque 6,000 … 20,000 kNm
Torque density more than 200 Nm/kg
Transmission i = 35 … 100
Efficiency up to 99%, on request
Generator Spezifikationen
Efficiency ~98%, on request
Cooling options Oil cooled, air / water heat exchanger, water jacket, others on request


The HybridDrive is Winergy's response to the challenge of further reducing the costs of energy generation. With the direct connection of a three-stage planetary gearbox and a permanent-magnet synchronous generator, a medium-speed drive has been designed ensuring the highest efficiency. The compact design makes the drive system shorter by more than 50%, and the efficiency is outstanding among all other technologies


  • High system efficiency
  • Compact and flexible for different concepts
  • Space-saving due to 50% shorter design
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Resource-saving design