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Mission completed! Now Wind Energy Generation is „all in“ at Winergy

February 2021

Today Flender Ltd., China welcomes about 300 new colleagues from the Winergy generator business in our new Hai Tai branch as the last step of the integration of the generator business into Winergy. Together we will be able to deliver complete drive trains for wind turbines.

The journey of merging the wind business of gearboxes and generations started with the announcement of Siemens almost one year ago. Flender CEO Andreas Evertz commented 2020: "Together we are already working on a hybrid powertrain that promises new growth potential in the wind sector. This puts us in an excellent position to meet the growing demand from wind turbine manufacturers for system offerings and to provide customers with even greater added value."

Winergy has just finished the integration of the Wind Energy Generation business in Serbia, Turkey, Germany and China during the last several months. We are now ready to shape the future of the generator business within Flender and together supporting our customers best in class - based on Winergy drives technology!