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In 1981 the first Winergy gearbox for wind turbines was built and since then the technical and qualitative concepts have been constantly worked on. Setting the standard in the industry for combined helical and planetary stages as well as super-finishing of gears.

40th Anniversary of the first wind gearbox delivery

Anyone who claims to be a technology leader also has an obligation to take responsibility - for their customers, for the environment, for those who follow us. Side by side with our partners, we focus on our goals in a time of agile markets and constant change. Only in this way can we develop technologies that are ahead of its time. We drive forward what is good and realize what makes sense - for a world full of green energy.
We have demonstrated this responsibility for 40 years now. In 1981 we started with the first wind gearbox in low KW power range. Ten years later, we equipped the first offshore wind park Vindeby with 450kW gearboxes. In 2016, we successfully developed the world's largest 8MW gearbox offshore system at that time. Now we are designing gearboxes, generators and powertrains up to 20 MW and planning beyond to support our customers today and in the future.

Winergy’s total gearbox deliveries amount a cumulative installed capacity of more than 200GW. At the same time, generator deliveries amount more than 50,000 generators for geared turbines and additional stator segments for more than 5,000 direct drive turbines. But also 40 years of installed base is taken care of by Winergy Original services. Being close to the customer with technical expertise and a fine meshed regional setup is central to success and customer benefit.

After 40 years of experience, we continuously adapted ourselves to the market changes and foresee the market trend once more with the new HybridDrive solution, which we developed maturely already ten years ago. The deep in-house knowledge at Winergy on both the gearbox and the generator enabled the optimization of the LCoE performance on a system level instead of component level only. This fits into a major ongoing wind industry trend to produce pre-commissioned full powertrains and deliver these directly to windfarm construction sites instead of separate main components to nacelle assembly plants first. We see system modularization as a key element. Moreover, we are actively pursuing standardization to a much higher level along with system integration, which will ultimately benefit all OEMs in further reducing LCoE. Today we are already preparing for the future. Another good example is Flender expanding its workshop space in China for the HybridDrive production.

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