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100 Power Trains - Winergy Tianjin Delivered the 100th EnVentus Power Train to Vestas

On July 20th, the "100th Unit Delivery Celebration Ceremony of Vestas EnVentus Power Train" was successfully held in Tianjin, marking that Winergy Tianjin has been fully capable of series production of complete drive train. This milestone was achieved thanks to the great collaboration between the Winergy and Vestas teams. It also marks that our cooperation with Vestas, a leading enterprise in the field of global wind power technology, has become closer. Mr. Michael Balvers, COO of Vestas Asia Pacific Region, Mr. Li Ya Dong, together with Dr. Gou Jian Hui, Chairman of Board and CEO of Flender Ltd., China and Mr. Joerg Sieber, General Manager of Winergy China Gearbox attended the Celebration Ceremony and witnessed this exciting moment with and project members of both sides.

Plough deep in the wind industry, two strong partners to build a milestone

As one of the leaders in wind energy technology, Vestas focuses on sustainable energy solutions, covering the design, manufacturing, installation and services of wind turbines. It has installed more than 151 GW in 86 countries and regions around the world, leading the development of the global wind power industry. Since 2014, Vestas has been firmly supporting Chinese customers reduce the cost of KWH electricity through technological innovation and resources sharing. The successful delivery of Vestas' 100th EnVentus power train by Winergy Tianjin not only benefited from Vestas' focus on the Chinese market, but also showed the tacit cooperation between the two sides since the beginning of the development of the wind power industry.

In the late 1980s, when there was no experience in the early wind turbine market, Winergy innovatively developed strict test procedures for all gearbox systems and became a pioneer in this field. Today, from a gearbox supplier to a wind turbine drive system supplier, Winergy has continuously innovated on a professional and rapid basis, overcome difficulties, and joined hands with Vestas to achieve "from 0 to 100".

In the process of delivering the first EnVentus power train, Winergy responded to the concept of integrated drive system and designed a new highly integrated gearbox to ensure the good performance of the overall drive system. In order to cope with the smooth acceptance of customer supplied materials and the delivery of the drive train, we also jointly developed new IT interfaces with Vestas to conduct data interaction between the two sides. To meet the production and testing requirements of the drive train, a new production line and test bench were built. After nearly two years of product research and development, material procurement and production testing, the first EnVentus drive train was delivered to Vestas with guaranteed quality.

At the Celebration Ceremony for the Delivery of the 100th Unit Enventus Drive Train, Mr. Michael Balvers, COO of Vestas Asia Pacific, said: " Winergy has been our partner right from the start. For more than 40 years now Winergy has been creating the success story of renewable energy together with Vestas, also in China. And I think both Vestas and Winergy teams can be very proud of that. We are looking forward to continuing the fruitful collaboration between Winergy and Vestas in future."

Dr. Gou Jian Hui, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Flender Ltd., China said: "We have a high tacit understanding with Vestas on the development of the wind power market. Many years ago, we foresaw the trend of global energy transformation, took on the mission of sustainable development of human energy, and devoted ourselves to the cause of promoting the development of the wind energy industry. With the continuous development of the wind power industry, Vestas' partnership with Flender is becoming closer and deeper."

With accurate insight and steady progress, our business in China has constantly stepped up to a new level

Winergy never stops observing. In 1981, Winergy manufactured the first wind turbine gearbox, setting the industry standard for the helical planetary gear and ultra-precision grinding of the gearbox. Today, Winergy is delivering the 100th Unit drive train system, including gearbox, generator and main bearing unit. There are traces of all of this.

Mr. Joerg Sieber, General Manager of Winergy China Gearbox, said: "The EnVentus platform power train project means an epoch-making milestone for both sides. Since long, before the integration of generator business, Winergy has been committed to expanding its product portfolio for the wind power industry, aiming to provide complete drive system solutions for wind turbines. Thanks to the employees of both sides for their contributions to this project, thanks Vestas for their support and trust in Winergy and look forward to our further cooperation!"

The delivery of Vestas' 100th EnVentus power train not only represents that Winergy has become an enterprise that can provide complete wind turbine drive systems, but also provides a strong guarantee for Winergy to continue to root in the Chinese market and consolidate its position as a professional leader in the field of wind power. In the future, Winergy will continue to cultivate services, constantly enable industrial development with technological innovation and professional attitude, meet the needs of the Chinese market and reach a new level of business!