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Workshop Service

360 Wind Drivetrain Workshop Services

Winergy is your wind drivetrain workshop service partner of choice – shortest turnaround at industry leading quality standards.

At your terms

Our workshop service teams have decades of multibrand knowledge at their disposal. As such, you profit from the high-quality standards that characterize all Winergy products. Winergy can respond to your service and repair needs, from basic restoration of functionality to premium packages that include a wide range of the latest technology upgrades.

We carry the zero-defect culture implemented in our new-product assembly processes into our service procedures. Therefore, every product is in line with the highest turbine quality specifications – ensuring maximum power production for you. 


Increase your plant’s performance and update your drivetrain. Benefit from original Winergy upgrades and make your gearbox and generator are ready for the future.

Winergy service performs gearbox and generator refurbishment according to the specific failure mode, condition, design status, and original scope of delivery. Our service strategy is to implement technological improvements that have occurred during the lifetime of every component. These upgrades ensure the integration of the most reliable products.

Your benefits at a glance:

Global setup of service workshops
> High quality standards due to the zero-defect culture
> Various repair levels
> Wide range of upgrade options
> Detailed reports
> No compromises in safety and reliability

+49 (0) 2871 92 3131

More than 40 years of service experience can be felt at every point in our service program. Above all at our technical support. Our work is routine, but not bureaucratic, friendly, but not intrusive.

> 24/7 hotline
> Global network of Winergy Service sites
> Complemented by a network of partners authorized by Winergy
> Competent and friendly service team
> Original documentation for all serviced products
> More than 40 years of experience servicing wind drivetrain components

Winergy Service Reference List

Interested? View through our service reference list of available Winergy gearboxes and service offerings. Looking for a multibrand solution? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with your nearest service provider!