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Refurbished Gearbox

Refurbished gearboxes offer a quick and cost-efficient solution. All refurbished gearboxes are built according to Winergy quality standards, with OEM specs, and upgraded to latest technology solutions. Ensuring reliable operations.

Service360 - Refurbished Gearboxes

Fast turnaround solution for gearbox acquisition

Gain access to Winergy's offering of refurbished replacements and fully accessorized gearboxes directly from stock. In many cases refurbished replacement gearboxes are on our customer’s site within days. The damaged gearbox is removed, and a replacement gearbox is installed with the same crane and service team. Thus, turbine downtime and exchange costs are minimized.

Winergy offers a comprehensive gearbox pool and exchange service. A refurbished gearbox gives you an economic alternative to a new gearbox by only upgrading impacted components. Known generic failure modes have been eliminated during refurbishment, resulting in higher availability and reliability.

Refurbished Gearbox Benefits

Benefits of Winergy Refurbished Replacement Gearbox

  • Cost effective option
  • Short lead times
  • Fast exchange process
  • Upgraded to latest solutions for maximum reliability