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Double-fed induction generator

Generators specifications
Power class up to 10 MW
Cooling Options Direct cooled
Modular air/air cooled
Modular air/water cooled
Product Number: Double_fed_induction_generator

One generator for all cases

The double-fed asynchronous generators have proven themselves thousands of times over worldwide. A rotor fed by the converter is used for speed control. Together, the generator and converter meet all current grid codes. Due to the small size of the rotor converter and the converter losses from the rotor circuit, the system features a high efficiency and low investment costs.

Only about 30% of the generator's rated power is fed into the grid via the converter. In addition to the high efficiency of the generator, this allows an added increase in the efficiency of the system. Come and see our lifetime-optimized and monitored brush slip ring designs.


  • Use in on- and offshore turbines
  • Compatible with directives regulating the connection to the grid network
  • Custom-designed to turbine and converter requirements
  • Cost-optimized system configuration with adaptation by the converter
  • Available as versions 50 Hz, 60 Hz or combined 50/60 Hz
  • Simple connection to the grid network and frequency regulation with full-converter solution
  • Flexibility thanks to cooling options: open cooling IP34, air-/air- or air-/water-cooling