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… because the best powertrain is the one where you can achieve the maximum benefit!

Standardized product

The Winergy HybridDrive is predeveloped for different torque ranges with optimized ratio. This geared generator is the base product for FlexibleFit Solutions with a design independent from tilt and yaw wind loads. It brings easy and simple generator interfaces and no need of gearbox-generator specification. With our HybridDrive we are using the gearbox bearing also as generator bearing. These interactions through integrated concepts involving components require detail and system competence which we live at Winergy.
The HybridDrive offers the lowest weight possible due to system optimization with lowest possible generator weight and a bearing design made to match gearbox and generator requirements. The standardized geared generator is designed according Winergy guideline and has proven quality, reliability and is validated.


  • Pre-developed and pre-validated HybridDrive
  • Save time to market and developing costs
  • Pure torque load for standardized geared generator
  • Market typical power ranges

Relax regarding interface specifications and ratio!


  • Benefit from flexible design interfaces
  • Flexible use for any powertrain configuration
  • Powertrain ready to install onsite with readiness for future digitalization
Your nacelle, your choice!

Modular concept FlexibleFit

Starting from a minimal cost approach based on a geared generator without planet carrier bearings in the low speed stage and minimum of support structure within the pure torque loaded base product. This standardized geared generator can be adapted to the customer needs and fits best to your preferred powertrain configuration. With a FlexibleFit module the HybridDrive can be easily adapted to existing and new drive train configurations. Easy connection to turbine support structures on the rotor side and an easy electrical interface on generator side are customer benefits. Regional differences and turbine platforms can be served with the combination of FlexibleFit with a standardized geared generator. 
The modular drivetrain adaptation concept offers fast realization of prototypes and scalable power range. One responsibility and one location for powertrain assembly and testing enables a ready to install powertrain on site with preparation for future digitization.


Applicationonshore and offshore
Rated torque6.000 ... 40.000 kNm
Transmission ratioi = 35 ... 100
GEN coolingoil, water, air cooled
Individual interface on LSSelastic, rigid, fully integrated or with coupling