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Winergy at the AWEA Windpower 2018: Introduction of the Digital Gearbox

From May 7-10, the AWEA Windpower show took place in Chicago, U.S. where people working in the industry came together to discuss the future of wind energy. One of the central topics was the megatrend digitalization and how participants of the industry need to adapt their business models to help their customers reduce the Levelized Costs of Electricity (LCOE). Accordingly, the determination of remaining useful life of components is one of the main challenges for all market participants.

Against this background, Winergy seized the opportunity to introduce its concept of the Digital Gearbox and how it can help its customers to optimize their O&M activities. Visitors showed great interest in how Winergy is entering the digital age. By the help of the sensor and its 99.7% accuracy in terms of torque measurement, the wind gearbox manufacturer is again setting new industry standards.

Many conversations also addressed how the industry will develop in the U.S. when the PTC policy – a subsidies model promoting renewables – will expire by 2020. Since service offerings need to be tailored to each customer’s needs more and more, Winergy presented its comprehensive service portfolio and turbine-ready solutions specially aligned with the needs of the U.S. market.

As a former wind turbine service technician Neal Gyngard from Tower Climbing Grease Monkeys (TCGM) came to the Winergy booth to discuss developments in U.S. service market. After the joint tour to wind farms in the US last summer, Winergy and TCGM are continuing their collaboration.

Winergy is looking back at many interesting discussions and a successful show and is already looking forward to next year’s show in Houston, TX on May 20-23.