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China Wind Power 2018: Winergy introduces its new 3.4-4 MW Gearbox

On October 17, 2018 China Wind Power, one of the most important trade shows in the wind industry, opened its doors in the new International Exhibition Center in Beijing, where Winergy is a well-received exhibitor since several years.

The linked wind conference, themed as “Preparing for the Pathway to Grid Parity” set the clear focus for the whole industry. Grid parity means the condition at which the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCoE) of renewable energy sources is equal to the price of electricity by conventional electrical power. This is supposed to be achieved by efficient and sustainable solutions along the whole supply chain.

In response to this challenge, Winergy exhibited its new 3.4-4 MW gearbox. By means of this efficient gearbox solution, Winergy aims at enabling its customers to achieve lower LCoE thereby driving the change in the direction of sustainable energy generation. Applicable both on- and offshore, the two planetary gearbox (two planetary stages and one helical stage) is suitable for gear ratios between 1:100 and 1:150. Featured with integrated planet bearing, enhanced gear load capacity and overall higher power density, the gearbox represents Winergy’s new development for the Chinese market. Achieving higher efficiency while maintaining the high standard of quality and reliability – this is what the novelty is about.

For Winergy, the most important wind energy trade show in China can be considered a success being reflected in the positive feedback by visitors with regards to the exhibited gearbox and the discussions they had at the booth. Customers, suppliers and other partners took a great interest during the three-day trade show and wished for a deepening of the discussion as a follow-up of the trade show. Winergy is looking forward to it.