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Winergy Unveils its Onshore Multi-megawatt Gearbox on China Wind Power 2019

On October 22, 2019 China Wind Power, one of the most important trade shows in the wind industry, opened its doors in the new International Exhibition Center in Beijing, where Winergy is a well-received exhibitor since 2009 & witnessed the growth & booming of China wind industry.

Signs has showed that China is ushering into onshore Muti-megawatt era for wind turbine gearbox. Winergy has foreseen the trend of increasing power rating of wind turbine gearbox several years ago & developed mature multi-megawatt gearbox.  The gearbox which we showed on CWP2019 is a 4.xMW onshore gearbox which has proven performance in long term of application in wind farms.

For Winergy, the most important wind energy trade show in China can be considered a success being reflected in the positive feedback by visitors with regards to the exhibited gearbox and the discussions they had at the booth. Customers, suppliers and other partners took a great interest during the Two-and- half day trade show and wished for a deepening of the discussion as a follow-up of the trade show. Winergy is looking forward to it.