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Direct Drive

Direct Drive
Power class scalable power range by segmentation from 3 to 20 MW
Cooling Options Air cooled


The gearless Direct Drive wind generator is a multi-pole synchronous machine, usually equipped with permanent magnet technology.
Winergy offers you custom-made stators in segmented design for your Direct Drive wind generator.
Based on its modular platform concept, the generator's stator is not manufactured as a whole but is composed of preassembled sub-segments. This offers especially advantages for the transport and erection and allows a customized adaptation to the respective performance requirements. The stator segments are integrated optimally into the drive train of the wind turbine using finite element calculations.
The stator segments are characterized by extreme mechanical accuracy, stability and highest efficiency and reliability of the electrical design. This makes the stator segments ideal for harsh offshore conditions in particular.
The many successfully installed Direct Drive offshore turbines worldwide featuring Winergy stator segments speak for our components' quality and reliability.


  • Space-saving, compact design for use onshore and offshore
  • Trouble-free and maintenance-free operation – also under severe conditions
  • Solutions according to customer's specifications, fully integrated in nacelle design
  • Simple connection to the grid network by full converter
  • Serial production and easy handling thanks to segmented design