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Digital Gearbox


Digital Gearbox by Winergy increases the efficiency of wind turbine gearboxes. Our gearboxes can be run with optimum torque and rotation rate by digitalizing and analyzing their operating data including real measured torque. As a result, either the power output or the gearbox service life can be increased. The turbine operator is aware in which phase of the product lifecycle his gearboxes are in and is able to optimize the lifetime according to his needs. 

Your benefits:

  • Minimized Levelized Cost of Energy production (LCoE)
  • Torque measurement with 99.7% accuracy
  • Digital detection and predictive maintenance of gearboxes without being on site

You want to learn how our Digital Gearbox can help you optimize the performance of your wind farm?

Find out more in our use case.

The Digital Gearbox is available for High speed gearboxes, the HybridDrive, Drivetrain Systems and Upgrades or Replacement Gearboxes.