Workshop service: repairs and upgrades

Winergy service performs gearbox refurbishment (disassembly and assembly) according to the specific failure mode, condition, design status, and original scope of delivery.

Product upgrades to the latest version
Our service strategy is to implement technological improvements that have occurred during the lifetime of every component. These upgrades ensure that the most reliable products are integrated during repairs of the original gearbox.

Sophisticated inspections and evaluations
The key element of our gearbox refurbishment process is the Winergy service team's extensive experience in all phases - particularly in inspecting parts and evaluating them in terms of their potential for reuse and reworking. A final test run ensures that the highest repair standards are met.

Strictly defined repair processes
Based on the zero-defect culture implemented in our new-product assembly processes, our service procedures also follow clearly defined repair processes. In this way, every product is in step with the highest turbine quality specifications to ensure safe operation.