Gearbox Training

The best gearboxes deserve the best service

As your original service partner we don’t keep our expertise to ourselves, we pass it on. With our training program, we provide our customers with the flexibility to be able to carry out skilled maintenance work on their own.

Winergy maintains a highly skilled staff of competent, trained technicians and gearbox specialist for the purpose of maintenance and repair of winergy products. The Winergy Training Program offers exclusive technical training to preferred Winergy vendors and customers to improve their strengths, abilities and skills in maintenance and repair of winergy gearboxes.

Training modules

During our basic training courses we impart comprehensive theoretical knowledge about our Winergy gearbox solutions.

The practical modules are designed for companies who either own or provide maintenance/field services to Winergy gearbox owner. This module is a “fast track" agenda that delivers must-know procedures for performing up tower repair solutions on a single gearbox type.

Upon completion of these modules, the trainee shall be capable of performing all applicable up tower repair solutions available for the specific gearbox type as well as the set up and functionality of all specialty tool kits.

Training locations in Germany and USA

Winergy offers comprehensive training programs for interested customers from the wind industry at its locations in Germany and the US. The training focus is on work that can be done directly on the turbine. For more information and booking please see below:

Training Flyer Germany (HQ)

Contact for training program at headquarters: Chris Brune.

Training Flyer US

Contact for US training program: Christopher Stevens.