Spare component pool: available for every turbine

Winergy service handles all Winergy components both in and out of serial production. Due to our long history, Winergy manages a large installed base and is able to provide complete spare components for nearly every wind turbine type and power range from 150 kilowatts to 6.5 megawatts.

Flender/Winergy gearboxes
Winergy has manufactured more than 175 different gearbox types for all known wind turbine manufacturers. Winergy branched off from Flender in 2001, and is still able to service all Flender wind gearboxes.


Tailor made availability concept using the example of "gearboxes"

Winergy Gearbox Pool

Winergy gearbox pool - now online available.

A detailed list of Winergy‘s available gearboxes is now ready for download. Please click to Winergy Gearbox Pool.
The list will be updated frequently.

For more information please click to Winergy Service.