Journal bearing technology

Planetary wheel with journal bearing

By introducing the journal bearing technology for its gearboxes Winergy sets another milestone for the wind turbine drive technology. Bearings belong to the critical wear parts of wind gearboxes as they are exposed to high loads in operation and therefore have a significant impact on the overall gearbox reliability. As journal bearings have proven their advantages in several other heavy industries, Winergy started to develop the technology as an alternative to common roller bearings in 2010.



In particular journal bearings deliver:

  • Nearly no wear
  • Reduced noise and vibrations
  • Higher efficiency at lower costs

Vesta V90-2MW

Since March 2013 a 2 MW gearbox prototype with journal bearings has been in operation in a Vestas V90 turbine in Sweden. After the testing period of two and a half years the bearings prove the expected results. They show no wear in operation and idling and run 100% reliable. Due to these results and the proven advantages the wind industry shows great interest in the journal bearing technology. Throughout 2016 and 2017 Winergy will deliver further gearbox prototypes and zero series with journal bearings to major customers.


The journal bearing technology is available for Winergy gearboxes and for the HybridDrive.


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Journal bearing technology at Hamburg WindEnergy 2014

Interview with Dr. Thomas Meyer, Manager New Bearing Technologies at Winergy

Source: Windpower Monthly TV