HybridDrive for wind turbines

The power pack for wind turbines
The HybridDrive is Winergy's response to the challenge of further reducing the costs of energy generation. With the direct connection of a two-stage planetary gear unit and a generator, a medium-speed drive has been designed ensuring the highest efficiency. The compact design makes the drive system shorter by more than 50%, and the efficiency of more than 96.5% is unparalleled among all other technologies. 

Successful on the market
Caused by the changes in the conditions for the connection to the electric grid that became apparent Winergy started developing the HybridDrive in 2009, and in 2011 was able to announce the award of an order for a 3 MW prototype. Since its installation in 2013 this prototype has been running without problems in a turbine of the Rostock-based developer W2E "Wind to Energy" (see picture), so that more orders were placed. As an additional feature further increasing the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the HybridDrive, Winergy introduced the journal bearing technology in 2014. The design of the 3.3 MW HybridDrive with journal bearing arrangement and electrically excited synchronous generator was presented with the Gold Award in the "Best Drive 2014" category by the Windpower Monthly technical journal.


Installing the first HybridDrive prototype in the W2E turbine in Kankel near Rostock Installing the first HybridDrive prototype in the W2E turbine in Kankel near Rostock

Benefits of the Winergy HybridDrive for wind turbines:

  • Compact design  

-> Lower cost of logistics due to reduced space and volume

  • Highest efficiency

-> Higher yield in energy

  • Flexibly applicable in any nacelle configuration  

-> Flexibility in the design of the nacelle

  • Modular system  

-> Lower OPEX cost; easy to service and maintain

  • Slightdependence on rare earths

-> Investment can be planned; no variation in availability

  • Option between rolling and sliding bearings

-> Increase in reliability; cost benefit 




Product video


Winergy HybridDrive
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