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The Earth's atmosphere is in constant motion - which we experience as wind. This natural resource renews itself, is readily available, and creates no pollution. What better way to generate electricity?

For more than 30 years Winergy is the global leader for innovative drive systems and wind turbine components. One of three wind turbines installed worldwide is equipped with one of our gearboxes and couplings for converting wind power into electrical energy.

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What helps our gearboxes to slide into the future?

Winergy further pushes the introduction of the journal or slide bearing technology for wind turbines. Efficiency, service life and life cycle costs are the factors which define the performance of wind turbine gearboxes. Winergy gearboxes with journal bearing technology offer maximum availability combined with lower costs and minimal noise. Due to their almost wear-free operation journal bearings are the key to hassle-free operation.

A prototype has been tested on a Vestas turbine for two and a half years and has shown excellent behavior. In 2016 and 2017 further gearbox prototypes and zero series for several customers will be put into operation.

Efficiency goes up, life cycle costs go down, and as for service life – why not see for yourself?

Winergy introduces up-tower exchange of the planet carrier bearing at Husum Wind

This appearance was something to be proud of: Winergy Service presented its services in the maintenance and repair of wind turbine gearboxes at the newly formed Husum Wind and advanced to a highlight at the trade show.

The wind power industry is booming and thus, also service is becoming more and more important from the point of view of wind turbine manufacturers and wind park operators. Winergy too used this development as an opportunity to dedicate its appearance at Husum Wind to the service of wind turbine gearboxes – a decision turning out to be dead right. During the entire fair week, visitors jostled on the Winergy stand. Above all, the exposed 2.3 MW gearbox was “the showpiece” that gave grounds for many interesting discussions; and with regard to its inner workings it presented one of the highlights at the trade show. With the aid of a fixture designed by Winergy it is possible to open the gearbox for service operations and thus, it is often possible to do without the expensive removal of the gearbox.

The same is true for the newly developed procedure of replacing the bearing of the planet carrier. Ready on time for the trade show, this procedure was successfully tested on a turbine for the first time and it is a real novelty to the wind power industry.

Watch the exchange of the planet carrier bearing in this 3D animation:

HybridDrive awarded as best wind turbine drivetrain

The new 3.3 MW HybridDrive with journal bearings has been awarded the gold medal in the category “Best drivetrain 2014” by specialist magazine Windpower Monthly. The HybridDrive is combining a two-stage-planetary gearbox and a generator into an integrated drive train. This results in a compact design and highest efficiency in power generation. Journal bearings further increase the profitability. The award further acknowledges our intensive research and development with which we continuously create innovative concepts for the future of wind energy.



We are very pleased and would like to thank Windpower Monthly for this award!

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Winergy. Because the future starts in our minds

Since its beginning Winergy was striving towards the questions of the future and answering it with technology progress based on human values. In our new corporate video we show how Winergy became what it is today and what we will stand for in the future.

Winergy. Because the future starts in our minds

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3D animation of the newly developed up-tower exchange of the planet carrier bearing.

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