Integrated process management with optimized workflows

High-quality products and rapid delivery times are the most basic requirements for every customer. This is why we strive for holistic process management, lean operations, and zero failures. By pinpointing and minimizing potential defect sources throughout the value chain, we achieve the highest product quality and organizational reliability.

Zero defect tolerance
Winergy has made significant strides in identifying and eliminating potential defects in all process steps. This has also entailed significant cross-departmental improvements.
If errors do occur, we consistently track them down. Error prevention and solution measures are defined and implemented through a structured set of procedures. Our suppliers share our commitment to a zero defect tolerance, which ensures that the Winergy value chain has no weak links.

Short lead times and optimized processes
By introducing a comprehensive production system into our manufacturing process, we have significantly reduced lead times as well as waste and errors. And we have made an agreement with our suppliers to implement frozen processes, which means that our optimized process steps - including materials and alloys - remain unchanged. The result? The highest product and process quality for our customers.