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The Earth's atmosphere is in constant motion - which we experience as wind. This natural resource renews itself, is readily available, and creates no pollution. What better way to generate electricity?

For more than 30 years Winergy gearboxes and couplings ensure that wind turbines all over the world convert wind power into electrical energy: reliable, efficient and at low lifecycle costs. In this way we contribute to further decreasing the costs of energy production from wind in the future.

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Winergy unveils new 4.5 MW offshore gearbox for the Chinese market

On China Wind Power Winergy introduced its newly developed 4.5 MW offshore gearbox to the public. By presenting the prototype Winergy China continues to successfully mark its future position in a highly dynamic market. The gearbox comes with a gear ratio of 1:132, a nominal input torque of 3,788 kNm and 5,035 kW mechanical power. It is designed with a focus on optimized power density to maximize the customers’ turbine efficiency. The exhibit aroused a lot of interest within the industry and opened the door for many favorable discussions at the most important trade show for the Chinese wind market.

Vindeby wind turbine gearbox impresses visitors

In Husum one meets the people who work directly with the products and are the heart of the wind industry. It’s thus an ideal place for Winergy to present its solutions for the service and maintenance of gearboxes for wind power plants. This was evident in the booth, which attracted many visitors every day of the fair and offered space for technical discussions about drive technology in the wind industry. The hook for many discussions was the gearbox exhibit from the first offshore wind farm in Vindeby, Denmark. The PEAK 4250 gearbox had been operating in a 450 kW turbine there for 25 years, with no outages, before it was decommissioned this year, along with the entire plant. Visitors were impressed with the condition of the gearing after such a lengthy operational time. They could view the inner workings of the gearbox through a plastic case, which was created specifically for the trade fair exhibit.

At a time when turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators – more than ever before – need to keep manufacturing and energy production costs low in order to win bids and keep their electricity competitive within the market, the reliability of the gearbox is of tremendous significance. After all, it is one of the key components. In addition to product quality, the right service and the maintenance is also decisive. At its booth, Winergy service experts presented this portfolio of replacement parts, replacement gearboxes, and repair options and established valuable contacts for a further expansion of the service business. Husum Wind was thus, from Winergy’s perspective, a complete success once again this year.

Winergy Original Service at Husum Wind – and a historical exhibit

Service is one of the key factors for the performance and reliability of a wind turbine gearbox. At Husum Wind, Winergy will presents its solutions for optimum operation and maintenance of wind turbine drives. One of the finest examples for the proven quality of Winergy products and services: a gearbox from the world’s first offshore wind farm. It has been in operation for 25 years without any failure and will be exhibited in Husum in its original state.

Since 1991, the gearbox has been operating in a wind turbine with 450kW nominal power in the world’s first offshore wind farm in Vindeby, Denmark. The eleven turbines that have been connected to the grid back then paved the way for the modern offshore industry, which nowadays secures energy supply for millions of households. At Husum Wind, visitors at the Winergy booth can assess the gearbox internals, and convince themselves of the pristine condition even after 25 years of operating time.

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Winergy commissions largest test bench for wind turbine gearboxes in Australia

Winergy has invested in a 2.8 megawatt load test bench in its Service Center in Rockhampton, Australia. This investment means that the facility now has Australia’s largest and most advanced test rig for wind power gearboxes. As a significant quality attribute a load test is essential for every wind turbine gearbox prior to installation. With the commissioning of a 2.8 MW full load test bench this is now also available at the Winergy Service Center in Rockhampton, Australia.

For more information on the award please read our press release.

Developing an offshore giant

Developing the world’s most powerful wind gearbox is something unique. Therefore we have accompanied the development of the 8 MW gearbox for the Adwen AD 8-180 turbine with cameras including interviews with the responsible persons. The result is an impressive documentary. 

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