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The Earth's atmosphere is in constant motion - which we experience as wind. This natural resource renews itself, is readily available, and creates no pollution. What better way to generate electricity?

For more than 30 years Winergy gearboxes and couplings ensure that wind turbines all over the world convert wind power into electrical energy: reliable, efficient and at low lifecycle costs. In this way we contribute to further decreasing the costs of energy production from wind in the future.

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8 MW eyecatcher and successful contract conclusions - WindEnergy Hamburg was a great success

Winergy at WindEnergy HamburgThe 8 MW exhibit at the Winergy booth drew large crowds crammed into the adjacent corridors for most of the time. Everyone wanted a picture or a selfie with the world’s largest wind turbine. Aside from the hustle and bustle of the booth upcoming projects were negotiated and contracts were closed.

For Winergy CEO Aarnout Kant the trade show was a great success: “We are delighted with the good response to our presentation of the 8 MW gearbox. We had a great many high-quality customer discussions and many visitors approached us on their own initiative, which is a very good reflection on this expo.”

Winergy delivers world's biggest wind gearbox to WindEnergy in Hamburg

The 3.66-meter tall, 3.35-meter wide, 3.5 meter long, 46.7 tonne giant, at 10,000 kilonewton-metres the world’s largest and highest-torque windpower gearbox, rolled through the large workshop door on a specially adapted low-loader right in time for the start of set-up work for the second WindEnergy show: the Winergy 8-megawatt offshore gearbox redefines the dimensions of drive technology for wind energy.

One week before the start of the fair on 27th September Winergy delivered to the Hamburg fair halls the largest gearbox ever built for a wind turbine. It will be the highlight of the Winergy fair stand and was specially designed to give visitors to the world-leading trade fair a view of the gearbox' interior and journal bearings.

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Adwen and Winergy present the world’s biggest wind turbine gearbox

In close cooperation Adwen and Winergy developed the gearbox for Adwen's AD 8-180 offshore wind turbine. With an input torque of close to 10,000 kilonewton-meters (kNm) and a weight of 86 tonnes it is the largest wind turbine gearbox ever built in the world. 

It is part of a medium-speed drive train concept that will considerably help reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) on Adwen’s new offshore giant. At 180 meters the AD 8-180 boasts the world’s largest-diameter rotor. In combination with a nominal electrical power of 8 megawatts the gearbox attains an input torque of close to 10,000 kNm – a value never before equaled.

This 70 percent increase in torque capacity was achieved with only a 20 percent weight increase compared to other gearboxes used in offshore wind turbines larger than 6 MW. In tests the gearbox attains an efficiency of well over 98 percent. Further, by reducing the built-in components its reliability increases.

 "Particularly in the offshore sector reliability is the essential thing. With this medium-speed gearbox concept we are demonstrating our technological expertise and innovative strength. The integrated drive system is not only very compact and efficient, it is also extremely reliable. It makes us proud to be Adwen’s partner on this showcase project", Winergy CEO Aarnout Kant says. 

Please also read our press release.

What helps our gearboxes to slide into the future?

Winergy further pushes the introduction of the journal or slide bearing technology for wind turbines. Efficiency, service life and life cycle costs are the factors which define the performance of wind turbine gearboxes. Winergy gearboxes with journal bearing technology offer maximum availability combined with lower costs and minimal noise. Due to their almost wear-free operation journal bearings are the key to hassle-free operation.

A prototype has been tested on a Vestas turbine for two and a half years and has shown excellent behavior. In 2016 and 2017 further gearbox prototypes and zero series for several customers will be put into operation.

Efficiency goes up, life cycle costs go down, and as for service life – why not see for yourself?

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