Winergy has been producing gearboxes for wind turbines for 33 years. Many things have changed in this time. We have seen the birth and development of a new industry.

By June 2014 Winergy will have delivered 100 gigawatts of gearboxes for the wind industry. Time to have a closer look at the milestones on this way:


Delivery of the first specially designed gearbox for a wind turbine

0.0 GW delivered


Beginning of serial wind turbine gearbox production, mainly for US wind farm projects

0.2 GW delivered


5,000 gearboxes have been produced for the USA, most of which have been installed at Californian wind farms

0.47 GW delivered


Delivery of the first gearbox with a power rating of one megawatt Ÿ
Launch of the first offshore wind farm with Winergy components

1.12 GW delivered


Development of the first  two-stage planetary gearbox in the multi-megawatt class

5.79 GW delivered


Commissioning of the new assembly plant in Voerde, Germany

8.51 GW delivered


Operations start at Winergy’s gearbox assembly plant in Elgin, Illinois, USA

11.74 GW delivered


First five-megawatt prototype · Commissioning of the six-megawatt test bench ·
Implementation of the cold-climate test lab in Voerde, Germany

18.21 GW delivered


Commissioning of the 7.5-megawatt test bench

22.01 GW delivered


Opening of Winergy’s gearbox assembly plant in Chennai, India

26.93 GW delivered


Operations start at Winergy’s assembly plant in Tianjin, China

34.70 GW delivered


Commissioning of the most powerful test bench worldwide with a test capacity of 14 megawatts

45.31 GW delivered


Commissioning of a new assembly plant in Elgin, Illinois, USA

64.98 GW delivered


The 5,000th gearbox made in Elgin, Illinois, USA, rolls off the production line

72.13 GW delivered


Introduction and successful prototype testing of a three-megawatt HybridDrive

88.03 GW delivered


100 gigawatts supplied via gearboxes worldwide

100.00 GW delivered

Winergy - Your global wind-power partner

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The Earth's atmosphere is in constant motion - which we experience as wind. This natural resource renews itself, is readily available, and creates no pollution. What better way to generate electricity?

Winergy has been supplying innovative wind turbine components to the international wind power industry since 1981. Every second wind turbine installed worldwide is equipped with at least one of our gearboxes and couplings for converting wind power into electrical energy.

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